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Tan's Cooking Club Blog

After travelling around the world and now living in France, I've become pretty much obsessed with cooking and everything that goes with it. It's a real passion to experiment and replicate flavours, create dishes that bring back fond memories and make brand new ones. Tan's Cooking Club is where you can come and experience flavours from around the world. My kitchen transports me, and you, to world destinations and I just love it! 

If you're looking for cooking adventures, food travels, recipes, culinary experiences, and fun in the kitchen then you've come to the right place. We're sharing our journey with you.  


Come and join us for all things cooking and generally food related. If you're in the Carcassonne / Minervois area in the South of France we'd love to see you. Check out our cooking sessions in the 'Atelier Cuisine' section. We're creating dishes from around the world - come and meet new people, have fun and cook up a storm with us 😉.

See you soon 😄

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