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Summer 2020: Preparing to travel, let's get back out there.

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

After several months of cabin fever, the doors of Europe (and some other parts of the world) are opening. The need for some time somewhere new, maybe some guaranteed sunshine, or just that desire to get away from it all is completely understandable.

BUT ... Covid-19 is still among us and keeping us on our toes!

In these changing times, making memorable holidays and travel plans comes with a little more preparation than usual. Let's enjoy the good times and all that travel has to offer while staying safe.

We thought it might be useful to share some of our thoughts with you to help make your next trip flow smoothly. If we plan in advance for some of the possibilities that may pop up, we can hopefully take it all in our stride, leaving us with just the happy memories 😁

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Flexibility is probably our best friend right now! If you have no rigid destination in mind and you are open to different possibilities, you will be able to keep an eye on what's going on in specific countries, know where/who is successfully managing COVID-19 right now, or not, and adapt as things may change.

We think Europe is the best bet at the mo, especially with several low-cost airlines offering deals in July/August which include "flight-change" options (although read policies carefully!!). A last minute change of plan may be unavoidable if a country suddenly takes action due to a spike in cases. This leaves you will options to change your destination, move your dates to another time, or both! Most airlines and travel sites currently have a COVID-19 updates and information page regarding current booking rules and entitlements. Read before booking!

We highly recommend that you book accommodation which includes free cancellation. If your plans need to change for any reason, or you are concerned about the current situation in the area you intend to visit, you can change your mind stress free.

Consider booking accommodation that gives you most flexibility and comfort during your stay. You will have more need of masks if you are staying in hotels or hostels compared to private rental properties. A self catering property with a private garden, pool, washing machine and wifi can accommodate you comfortably in all situations. If you unexpectedly find yourselves under quarantine when you arrive, you can still have a great time with friends or family, cook delicious meals, keep that wine chilled, wash those reusable masks and even work from home if needs must! And social distancing ... not a problem 👍

If you are thinking about hiring a car when you're at your destination, and this is a something that will be important for your trip, we highly recommend you check availability before you book any flights. Due to Covid-19 some places are experiencing limited availability and it may not be an option to grab a car rental. Check out transport links to see how much this may affect you before you are committed to going.

What to take with you.

Try to be nice and organised in advance:

- Purchase single use or get making reusable masks so you're all sorted. Grab some hand sanitiser gel in case it's difficult to get hold of at your destination. Consider taking a small bottle of liquid soap (100ml will fit nicely in your sealable clear bag, in your cabin luggage). If all else fails this will give you the opportunity to grab a bottle of water if need be and wash your hands at any point. Keep the water bottle refilled and keep it with you. Hand wipes also a good idea.

- If working from home is something that may be an issue - don't forget the laptop, but for the more fun stuff in times of delays or quarantine, load up the e-reader with great books and download tv shows and films on phone/tablet to keep you nicely distracted.

- A small medical kit with some of the basics is always a good idea but especially now, so you don't have to worry if you are unable to find a pharmacy near you. Don't forget the protective stuff too like sunscreen so you can enjoy that garden!

- We also recommend taking a little goodie bag/box in case of times where grabbing food and drink becomes a little tricky! Delays where food outlets may be closed or for your flight - you are unlikely to be able to purchase food or drinks on airlines at present, although some may hand out cups of water. Scooby snacks are also a great distraction. Of course if you are taking the car with you on a self drive trip, you have plenty of space for extra supplies.

Some essential think abouts before you go.

If you're all decided and booked up, keep up to date on the situation at your destination before travelling. Circumstances may change quickly so it's best to either know what you're likely to face e.g bars and restaurants closed, quarantine, restrictions etc and/or have the option to change plans if you prefer.

Check out if there are are rules and regs for you when you depart and arrive, any paperwork required regarding Covid-19 symptoms, temperature checks etc.

Have a good read of your travel insurance policy so there are no hidden surprises. Many companies have changed their policies regarding any problems relating to Covid-19. Be aware!

Find out contact details of local health centres and what to do in case you or someone in your group experience COVID-19 symptoms. Be aware what your options are at your destination if circumstances change there - this will take the pressure of you if the worst happens.

On the way and while you're there.

Rules and usual practices will have changed if the last time you travelled on public transport and used public areas was in February. Follow the new guidelines and recommendations, and respect social distancing at all times. Don't forget your mask!

You will most likely be obliged to wear a mask on public transport at all times. There will be different routines for boarding and disembarking planes for example. Just relax and listen out for your section, row or seat number.

Follow the new guidelines at your destination arrival point and keep up to date during your stay so you can make any necessary arrangements if need be. Different countries and airlines are introducing new guidelines and regulations depending on changing cirumstances as they happen.

Last but not least:

Don't forget to get the camera out and click click click - have the trip of a life time, enjoy and stay safe. This time next year you'll be looking back at your photos and remembering what a great time you had. Being prepared is the best way to have the best trip this summer. Hopefully these recommendations help you get on out there and have the best, stress free time.

Happy travelling 😄

Tan's Travel Club

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