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TTC's Spanish Tortilla

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

TTC's happy fun filled travel loving recipes

Ok, so just to be clear, we are not restauranty top level chefs 🤭. We're just happy travel folk having fun in the kitchen, who love new food experiences and discovering scrumptious things to eat on world travels.

TTC Spanish Tortilla recipe
© Tan's Travel Club

We don't pretend to be experts and I'm sure we are sometimes far away from traditional recipes, but we hope you enjoy the fun travel loving spirit that goes into our recipes - maybe that makes them all the more tasty 😄

Our easy recipes bring back beautiful travel memories. There's nothing like reminiscing about the good times and dreaming of even better ones to come, while filling our tummies with the good stuff 👏

If you want to join in with fun filled travel food discoveries, and have a go at making some of them yourself, you're in the right place ☺️.

Remember to have FUN and add in, change around, or play with the ingredients because there's stuff you don't have, or do have or just love 😁

Happy cooking 🕺

Spanish Tortilla - Tapas heaven

TTC's Spanish tortilla
© Tan's Travel Club

Just looking at the title makes me dream about delightful Spanish tapas 😋

You are guaranteed to find yummy scrumptious delicious tortilla all over Spain.

No doubt different peops and regions have a slightly different recipe for this little beauty but we've gone for eggs, potatoes AND onions.

Just a little taste of happy Spanish travels, past and future ones to come. This is our version - we hope you enjoy.


Prep and cook time we estimate:

35 - 40 minutes


😋 400g potatoes

😋 1 onion

😋 7/8 eggs

😋 olive oil - a good glug!

😋 salt and pepper


1. Peel and slice the potatoes - not too thick! Pat them dry.

2. Put a frying pan on the hob (low to medium heat) and add a good glug of olive oil. In go the potatoes and season with salt and pepper.

Keep an eye on your potatoes, turning them when starting to brown on the bottom (make sure they are nice and snug but not laying on top of each other).

3. Slice up the onion nice and fine, then either add to the pan, or if it's a bit too snug in there, use another pan with olive oil. Continue cooking the potatoes until they are golden and cooked through but not so much that they become mushy and break up.

4. Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk. Add your cooked potatoes and onions to the eggs and swirl them around a bit. Pour the whole lot back into the frying pan on a low heat. We found 10-12 minutes was good - basically until there is little or no runny stuff left on the surface.

5. Ready for the fun bit? Hopefully at this point you are feeling brave! Get a plate that's bigger than the pan. Rest it on the top of the pan, hold it flat with one hand and while holding the the frying pan with the other - flip it over. Just go for it and don't worry about a little mess - it's part of the fun and definitely a photo moment! Besides, those who cook the meal don't wash up, right? 🤣 Ready ... steady .... GO!

6. Ok, nice! Now slide the tortilla back in the pan so you can cook the other side. Cook for a further 3 minutes or so and transfer to a plate for serving.

Nicely done 👌👏


Great as part of a tapas evening or perfect served as a light lunch with a salad of your choose: In this case, this recipe SERVES 4-6

TTC's side salad
© Tan's Travel Club

We went with a side salad of:

- finely peeled carrot slices

- rocket

- gem lettuce

- feta cheese

- mixed nuts

- dressing: olive oil, lemon juice, dried oregano

- seasoning


We hope you found this recipe tasty! How did it go? We would love to see a photo of the flip over 🤣 or your beautifully made tortilla. Feel free to post your photos on instagram and tag us 🤭☺️

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