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TTC's Travel Quiz: 10 fun travel questions for April

Our April quiz is here 🕺 ✍️

Spring is all around and it’s starting to feel a whole lot better 🌸 😄. We thought we would add to the cheer with April’s cheeky travel quiz … I’ve got a good feeling you’ve got this one! Pens at the ready …

Here we go … 😄

TTC's Cuba
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

1. What infamous invasion took place in Cuba on 17th April 1961, failed miserably and ended less than 24 hours from when it started!?

2. Ever wanted to visit the Victoria Falls? Me too! The falls border which 2 countries?

TTC's Singapore Sling
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

3.The Singapore Sling, a gin based cocktail, was created by a bartender in what well known colonial-style luxury hotel?

4. How important is booking holidays that are ATOL protected right now!? 😳 But do you know what ATOL stands for? Have a guess ...

5. In the poem ‘Home-Thoughts, From Abroad’ by Robert Browning, can you complete the line, “Oh, to be in ……………….., Now that April’s here. Browning describes a typical spring picture with flowers in full bloom and birds in full voice, in which country?

6. Dong is the currency of which country?

7. What is the capital of Taiwan?

8. The ABC islands are a cluster of islands in the Caribbean. They include Aruba, Bonaire and ……… What is the third island?

9. What well know disaster occured in the North Atlantic Ocean in April 1912?

10. Can you identify this airline by its logo?

TTC's Vietnamese map
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

Wooohooo! 🙌 April quiz … done! Let’s see if you aced it! 😉

Scroll down ⬇️ towards the bottom of the page if you can bear to check your answers 🤭


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Stay safe, stay positive :)


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1. The Bay of Pigs Invasion

2. Zimbawe and Zambia

3. Raffles Hotel

4. Air Travel Organiser’s License

5. England

6. Vietnam

7. Taipei

8. Curacao

9. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank!

10. Thai Airways

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Apr 26, 2021

😎 good fun and useful quiz questions

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