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TTC's Travel Quiz: 10 fun travel questions for May

Our May quiz is here 🕺 ✍️

It’s hard to believe it’s May already! 😄 The rumblings of travel are getting ever louder so as a pre-trip teaser here’s our travel quiz for this month - let’s see how much you know about the world you may actually be able to visit soon - ish! Let’s do this …

Here we go ...

TTC's Cuba
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

1. Alex Garland’s, ‘The Beach’ is a novel and a film. You may well recall that Maya Beach, Koh Phi Phi was used as the location for the film, and Koh Phangan was rumoured to be the inspiration for the novel, BUT do you know where Garland was living when he wrote the book?

2. Can you name which continent is the driest? 🤔

TTC's The Beach Alex Garland
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

3.The empire state building opened it’s doors for the first time in May 1931. It managed to hold the record for being the world’s tallest building, but for how long?

A - 650 days

B - 410 days

C - 170 days

4. Which is the easternmost island in the Caribbean?

5. In which country will you find Torres del Paine national park?

6. What country would you most likely be visiting if you ordered a Tom Yum Goong in a restaurant?

7. What was formally opened by the Queen of England and the French President on the 6th May, 1994?

8. Toukokuu is the translation for the month of May in what language?

9. The Eurovision Song Contest is often held in May and it’s no different this year! Which city will host the event?

10. Can you name this flag?

TTC's Indonesia flag
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

Hoooorah! 🙌 … You’ve done it! Now for the dreaded score! 🤭😉

Scroll down ⬇️ towards the bottom of the page if you can bear to check your answers 🤭


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Stay safe, stay positive :)


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1. Philippines

2. Antartica - it is in fact a desert!

3. 410 days

4. Barbados

5. Chile

6. Thailand

7. The Channel Tunnel

8. Finnish

9. Rotterdam

10. Indonesia

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Jun 02, 2021


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