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TTC's Travel Quiz: 10 fun travel questions for June

Our June quiz is here 🕺

Summer is finally with us and despite some expected turbulence along the way, trips are finally happening … here’s to getting out in the world in a safe and responsible way. If you need a little distraction while you count down the days until your summer trip, home or abroad, we’ve got a fun travel quiz for you 😄

Ready, steady …

1. What is the capital city of Cambodia?

TTC'a Cambodia
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

2. Where will you find the traditional dish, Bobotie - a dish made with curry flavoured mince meat, with an egg and milk based topping - which by the way, is delicious!?

3. Which European airport would you be flying into if you landed at PSA?

4. Mount Rushmore National Memorial, completed in 1941, is a sculpture carved with granite faces depicting U.S. presidents George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and one other. Who?

TTC's Central Park
© Tan's Travel Club 2021

5. True or false, Central Park in New York is bigger than Monaco?

6. Croatia has over 1000 islands, but do you know which island is the biggest? Is it:

A) Krk

B) Korcula

C) Brac

7. Which city in Europe has more bridges than any other? Sources seem to differ on the actual amount but the most common count seems to be over 2500 bridges!

8. Several national flag days fall in the month of June, including the country of this flag.

Can you name the country?

9. June is the month for a well-known music festival held in Somerset, England. Can you name the festival?

10. Now that we’re able to plan some travel adventures, the pesky issue of jet lag may be a thing again this summer - which direction is the best way to go to feel a little better?

Job done … Congrats! Feelin' those summer vibes 😎

Scroll down ⬇️ towards the bottom of the page if you can bear to check your answers 🤭


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Stay safe, stay positive :)


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1. Phnom Penh

2. South Africa

3. Pisa, Italy

4. Thomas Jefferson

5. True

6. A) Krk

7. Hamburg

8. Romania

9. Glastonbury Festival

10. East to west

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