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Christmas Travel Quiz: December's 10 festive travel questions 🎄

Here we go ... this month's travel quiz is ready to go ✍️

Ok you very fine people, we are doing some Christmas cheer! Here’s our December quiz wrapped up in whole lot of festive loveliness. Get yourself a mince pie (or 3) and a glass of mulled wine - we’ve got 10 questions to test your Christmas (with a travel theme) knowledge. ☃️

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄

TTC's Orchard House
© Tan's Travel Club

Ready ... steady … HO HO HO (as opposed to go go go)! 🤣☃️🎅

1. Little Women (based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott) is included in our Top 10 Christmas Film list . The novel was set in her family home, Orchard House. Where will you find Orchard House?

2. Christmas Island is located in which ocean?

TTC's German Stollen
© Tan's Travel Club

3. What traditional (and delicious by the way) cake-like bread is eaten in Germany at Christmas time?

4. Eggnog is thought to have originated from the drink called Posset, from which country?

5. In which country will you partake in the Wigilia supper on Christmas Eve? Extra points if you know how many dishes are traditionally served!

6. Kevin missed out on a trip to where, when he was left Home Alone in this classic Christmas film?

7. Norway gives a fabulous Christmas tree to the UK every year. Where in London will you see it in all its festive glory?

8. Macy’s is the real life depatment store based in which Christmas film?

© Tan's Travel Club

9. What popular Christmas song had an accompanying video that was filmed inside a real police station on the Lower East Side?

10. In which country is Christmas thought to be a holiday for lovers, the ‘Festival of Love’?

🙌 🎄 Great festive effort - you're done! ☃️ See how well you did by scrolling to the bottom of the page and take a peek at the answers 👍


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Happy travelling and stay safe :) Have a great Christmas 🎄


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1. Concord, Massachusetts.

2. Indian Ocean.

3. Stollen.

4. Britain.

5. Poland (and for an extra bonus point - 12 dishes)

6. Paris

7. Trafalgar Square

8. Miracle on 34th Street

9. Fairytale of New York

10. Japan

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