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Top 10 Christmas films to watch this festive season ☃️

TTC's Top 10 Christmas Films
© 2020 Tan's Travel Club

If you’re planning your trip home for Christmas … which could get a bit long and complicated this year … we’ve got a little festive cheer to get you through the journey.

With your tablets, headphones and masks at the ready, here’s our recommended Top 10 Crimbo films! Get downloading so you you can sit back, relax and get all christmasy.

If you’re already in situ and you just need a little festive pick me up - then these films are perfect for you too …Stay safe and enjoy.

Lets get this festive season up and running. Our Top 10 Christmas films, in no particular order ....

Here we go 😃

The Family Stone

 The family Stone
© 2020 Tan's Travel Club

The perfectly imperfect family get-together at Christmas. Funny, painful, poignant and tearful moments make this a must see. Definitely add it to your ‘every year Christmas watch’ list. Love this film! The run up to Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it.


Home Alone

It just wouldn’t be Christmas without this classic from 1990. John Hughes made a Christmas holiday great when he turned this one out. The perfect family Christmas comedy. This is as much a Christmas staple as a mince pie and a glass of mulled wine. Happy holidays 🥳


White Christmas

Let’s take it back a bit … all the way to 1954 in fact! You can’t do Christmas without some of the classics. White Christmas is everything Christmasy in a film. Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye bring a little holiday musical magic to keep the Christmas spirit alive - get your dancing shoes on … or not 🤣


The Holiday

The Holiday
© 2020 Tan's Travel Club

A classic rom-com doing exactly what it says on the tin at Christmas, with a VERY likeable cast. What’s not to like in such a film at this time of year?! Who doesn’t like a bit of the cute and corny stuff at Christmas.👌


Santa Claus the Movie

Where would we be if we didn’t have the great fortune of having Dudley Moore on our screens and radio. When I look back and remember the hilarious and uniquely brilliant ‘Derek and Clive’ sketches (most definitely not PG rated!) I would never have imagined Dudley Moore featuring in this film! He brings the perfect bit of magic, quite literally! Get ready for a good old cheesy, old school stylie 1980’s festive treat.


Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

If you’re looking for a warm, charming, sparkly Christmas loveliness of a film, then this is it. The old classic has been given a modern make over. It ooozes family Christmas spirit cheeriness, so if that’s your bag, dive on in there … you won’t be disappointed. Hey, you may even become a ‘believer’ after this one - if you’re not already of course 🤔🤭.


While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping
© 2020 Tan's Travel Club

This one might seem like a bit of a curve ball but you can’t get enough rom-coms at Christmas, right? And after all, she did save the man of her dreams at Christmas time - that’s got to be worth watching 🙌 This is a fun one and Sandra Bullock is a delight as always. Definitely give this one a go ☃️


The Santa Claus

Tim Allen has got this one nailed - what a great excuse to HAVE TO eat milk and cookies 🤣. This is another great outpouring of Christmas spirit. Great for the kids and adults too. A real fluffy feel good Christmas film. Enjoy. 🎅


Love Actually

Well, this one has got charm written all over it - fab cast and VERY British, with nine stories all intermingled together. Got to warn you, it’s definitely a big fat love story(ies) but I guess the title is a bit of a giveaway. This is a big old Merry Christmas of a film.🎄 Warning: it seems to come with the Marmite effect - I’m firmly in the 'Love It' category. And you?


Little Women (1995)

Little Women (1995)
© 2020 Tan's Travel Club

If you’re in the ’already in situ’ category (read the blog intro at the top!), curl up in front of the fire (or any kind of heating system to hand), throw the blanket well and truly over you and make sure you have a LARGE cup of hot choccy close by - you’re now perfectly set to watch the 1994’s version of Little Women.

If you’re in the ‘on a journey home for Christmas' group - image all of the stuff above - get your headphones on - and press play! You’re in for a homely winter treat of a film. Louise May Alcott’s fabulous classic looks great on the screen.


There you have it, that's our Top 10 ☺️. We hope you've found some festive cheer in this list. Feel free to share your favourite Christmas films with us - it was a tricky business choosing only 10!

Enjoy watching, happy travelling and stay safe :)

Merry Christmas everyone ☃️


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