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Travel Quiz: September's 10 travel questions ...

Ok fellow travellers, try these beasties!

Here's September's 10 travel questions to keep you on your toes. Hope they don't 'trip' you up 🤭 ... get it ... 'trip' you up 🤣🤣. Ok, so arguably, some of us have too much time on our hands 🙄


Iguazu Falls
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Ready ... steady ... go

1. What year did the London Underground first open? Extra feel good points if you know where the line travelled from/to - which stations? 😉

2. What is the national flower of Italy?

3. In what city will you find 'The High Line?

4. With what country do you associate Singha beer?

5. Which two continents does the Bosphorus Bridge connect?

6. What is the capital of the Falkland Islands?

7. What is the national airline of Colombia?

8. How many varieties of potato grow in Peru?

9. Where will you find the Bay of Pigs?

10. Stockholm was built on how many islands?

Niiiice! You're all done! If you want to check your answers, scroll to the bottom of the page and take a peek 👍


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Happy travelling and stay safe :)


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1. 1863.

For billy bonus points: The first line went from Paddington (known then as Bishops Road) to Farringdon Street).

2. Lily.

3. New York (Manhattan)

4. Thailand.

5. Europe and Asia (or vice versa 😆).

6. Stanley (Also know as Port Stanley).

7. Avianca Airlines.

8. 3,500! Yep, that's three thousand, five hundred 😳.

9. Cuba.

10. 14.

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