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Travel Quiz: A few sneaky little questions to keep the travel bug alive

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Despite Europe opening up, with so many uncertainties still in the air, foreign travel won't feel like an option for everyone just now .... so ... for those staying put, we have 10 travel questions for you for a bit of fun - see how you go 😄

Iguazu Falls
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Ready ... steady ... go

1. The Iguazu Falls literally fall in which 2 countries?

2. What year did Ayres Rock become officially known as Ayres Rock / Uluru, adding its original Aboriginal name? Billy bonus points if you know what happened to the name in 2002!

3. What is the westernmost archipelago in Europe?

4. Where is the Prado museum?

5. What is the official currency of Mongolia?

6. In the book (and then the film) 'Eat Pray Love', name the 3 countries visited.

7. Where is Kobuk Valley?

8. What is the capital of Morocco?

9. The Euro (€) was officially introduced in what year?

10. ORD is the code given for which US airport?

You're all done, the quiz is complete! If you want to check your answers, scroll to the bottom of the page 👍


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

If you're venturing out and about again, happy travelling and stay safe :)

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Tan's Travel Club

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1. Brazil and Argentina

2. 1993 (In 2002, the official name changed again to reverse the order - Uluru / Ayres Rock -

3. The Azores

4. Madrid

5. Tughrik (or Togrog)

6. Italy, India and Indonesia

7. Alaska, USA

8. Rabat

9. 2002

10. Chicago O'Hare International Airport

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