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Travel Quiz: January's 10 fun travel questions

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Here we go ... this month's travel quiz is ready to go ✍️

Okay, so we're edging closer to the end of the first month in 2021! Just in case you have a touch of the January blues, or maybe dry January is taking its toll a little, we have the perfect distraction. We've got some fun travel trivia for you - you've got this!

Here we go ...

TTC's Vincent Van Gogh photo: View of Vessenots, Auvers 1980
© Tan's Travel Club

1. Where will you find the 'Golden Triangle of Art' which includes three National museums, one of which is the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum?

2. Which is the largest country in the world without the river?

© Tan's Travel Club

3. What is known as the world's largest War Memorial and is an Australian National Heritage List site, built between 1919 and 1932? It is dedicated to soldiers killed during World War I.

4. Porto is in northern Portugal and is located along what river?

5. Which has more pyramids Sudan or Egypt?

6. Which famous Italian landmark was on the verge of collapse and closed in January 1990 until 2001 for essential restoration works?

7. Which state became the 49th official state in the U.S on the 3rd of January 1959?

8. In the U.S the 22nd of January is 'Answer Your Cat's Questions Day' - true or false?

Cute Kitten coaster: JagosArt
© JagosArt ©Tan's Travel Club

9. Tempura is a well-known Japanese dish, but where did it originate?

10. At a height of 850 m Slieve Donard is the highest mountain in ........... ?

That's it, you're there .... January's quiz complete, nicely done! 👍

Scroll down ⬇️ towards the bottom of the page if you can bear to check your answers 🤭


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

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1. Madrid, Spain

2. Saudi Arabia.

3. The Great Ocean Road.

4. The Douro River.

5. Sudan - apparently Sudan has twice as many pyramids as Egypt! 😳

6. Leaning Tower of Pisa.

7. Alaska.

8. True. This is actually a thing! It was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy at in the U.S.

9. Portugal.

10. Ulster, Northern Island.

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