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Travel Quiz: November's 10 travel questions ...

Here we go ... this month's travel quiz is ready to go ✍️

November's 10 travel questions are here 😀. Fancy a little head scratching brain teasing moment? - then you came to the right page 🤭 Travel hats on peops - here they come ...

Sharing the travel love 😊


TTC's York Minster
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Ready ... steady ... go

1. How long did it take to construct the fabulous medieval gothic style Cathedral, York Minster, located in York, England?

A- 250 years

B- 325 years

C- 390 years

2. What is the capital city of Morocco?

3. In which country will you find the worlds longest road tunnel? Extra billy bonus points if you know the length of the tunnel.

4. What is the largest Spanish speaking country in the world?

5. What airport is associated with the IATA code MLA?

6. In 1886 the Statue of Liberty was a gift to the people of the United States from which country?

7. What is the southermost capital city in the world?

8. The name of what iconic mausoleum translates as the Crown of Palaces?

9. Which landlocked country is bordered by Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru?

10. The Whooper Swan is the national bird of which European country?

🙌 Great effort - you've made it! See how well you did by scrolling to the bottom of the page and take a peek at the answers 👍


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Happy travelling and stay safe :)


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1. A: 250 years.

2. Rabat.

3. Norway (The Lærdal Tunnel is 15 miles - 24.5km long).

4. Argentina.

5. Malta.

6. France.

7. Wellington, New Zealand.

8. Taj Mahal.

9. Bolivia.

10. Finland.

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