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Travel Quiz: October's 10 travel questions ...

Here we go ... this month's travel quiz is ready to go ✍️

Here's October's 10 travel questions to keep the travel bug alive. If you need another travel fix after this little teaser, take a look at our post: Top 10 places to go in October. Even if you're not getting out there right now, it's a happy travel read 😉

Ok, pens at the ready ....


TTC's Cafe des Deux Moulins, Paris
© Tan's Travel Club

Ready ... steady ... go

1. What part of Paris will you find Amelie's cafe bar, Café des Deux Moulins?

Extra bonus points if you know why the cafe was given this name 😉

2. Where was Christopher Columbus born?

3. What Georgian town in the UK is the base for Jane Austen's novel Northanger Abbey?

4. In which city will you find the historic neighbourhood, Gastown??

5. Aruba is a beautiful Caribbean island and an autonomous territory of which European country?

6. In which country will you find The Chocolate Hills?

7. What is the national airline of Poland?

8. Which countries make up the Baltic States?

9. What is the northernmost capital city in the world?

10. What is the capital of Reunion Island?

You've done it! Woooohooooo! See how well you did by scrolling to the bottom of the page and take a peek 👍


We hope you found this quiz fun! How did you get on?

Happy travelling and stay safe :)


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1. Montmartre.

For an extra bonus point: The cafe was given its name because it is situated between two nearby moulins - Moulin Rouge and Moulin de la Galette.

2. Genoa, Italy.

3. Bath.

4. Vancouver.

5. The Netherlands.

6. Philippines.

7. LOT.

8. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (in any order you like 🤭).

9. Reykjavik.

10. Saint-Denis.

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