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USA Road Trip Playlist

📻 35 top tunes for the journey of a lifetime 📻

So … you have some time on your hands and you've been planning that future road trip in the USA ... the one you’ve been dreaming about ... but current events mean you’re waiting for safer times. Well, it's all good. You’ve done your research - a rough itinerary in hand, all the basics for the trip covered, maps accounted for with the highlights circled nicely BUT …. what about the best USA Road Trip Playlist EVER????! If you forgot this last, but most important bit, don’t worry ... we’ve got you covered 🤭😄

TTC's Vinyl: USA Road Trip playlist
© Tan's Travel Club

Random play mode selected and go ...

We went for a bit of everything: slow, fast, loud, softly does it, highs, lows, some obvious, some not so obvious. Our playlist is in no particular order - we recommend 'shuffle' 😆

We hope you hear something you like - enjoy 😊

Press ⏯

(well, you can't actually press play, it's just the list, but you get the idea 😆):

Simon and Garfunkel: America

Neil Young: Alabama

Bruce Springsteen: Born in the USA

Counting Crows: Miami

Sufjan Stevens: Chicago

Don McLean: American Pie

Neil Young: Rockin' in the Free World

Simon and Garfunkel: Bleecker Street

Bleecker St, New York
© Tan's Travel Club

The Mamas and The Papas: California Dreaming

Cyndi Lauper: I Drove All Night

James Taylor: Carolina in my Mind

Billy Joel: New York State of Mind

John Denver: Take Me Home, Country Roads

Paul Simon: Graceland

The Eagles: Hotel California

Josh Ritter: Idaho

The Beach Boys: California Girls

REM: Little America

Kim Wilde: Kids in America

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: American Girl

U2: New York

Phantom Planet: California

Supertramp: Breakfast in America

TTC's Supertramp vinyl: Breakfast in America
© Tan's Travel Club. TTC's vinyl - Supertramp: Breakfast in America

Elton John: Philadelphia Freedom

Rufus Wainwright: Going to a Town

The Beach Boys: Surfin USA

The Decemberists: Los Angeles, I’m yours

Lana Del Ray: American

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker: Chicago

Tom Waits: Jersey Girl

Bruce Springsteen: Streets of Philadelphia

Paul Simon: American Tune

Amy McDonald: 4th of July

Counting Crows: American Girls

America: Ventura Highway

👍 Now you’re really ready to go … 🚘 😃


How did we do? We'd love to hear of any swap ins or outs, additions or deletions?


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